Who We Are - Kinkera Community


Our Why

Disability housing in Australia faces the dual challenge of meeting diverse needs and ensuring accessibility for all. At KinKera, we're reimagining housing, crafting innovative designs both in bustling inner cities and serene regional areas, to ensure every individual with needs finds a place called home.

To create integrated communities that include people with disability that encourages our residents to achieve independence and live the life of their choosing.

We create accommodation for residents to feel at home in a safe and secure community using supportive technologies. Our employees are empowered to innovate and think differently to deliver alternative solutions that improve outcomes for our residents. Together with our residents, we build communities across Australia that offers opportunities for all to learn and grow in a socially and culturally inclusive community.

We believe incorporating diversity and inclusion enables our team to deliver on our commitment to our clients. All residences under KinKera Communities will be owned, managed and maintained by KinKera. We embrace Sustainability, and We Care about the communities we are in and those we create with our residents.



Ian Jordan

John Carter
General Manager

Hans Kang
National Property and Development Manager

Customer Engagement

Matthew Johnson
SDA Community Growth & Compliance Manager

Property Development

Ben Angus
Acquisition Manager

Ally Zhu
Senior Development Manager

Lauren Moore
Senior Town Planner

Shaira Del Rosario
Landscape Architect

Ali Altahir
Construction Supervisor

Sajidur Rahman
Construction Supervisor

Kirtan Brahmbatt
Construction Supervisor

Thuy Nguyen

Sidak Deep Singh
Investment and Credit Associate