Diversity and Inclusion Policy - Kinkera Community



We acknowledge the spectrum of human diversity and actively embrace it as a fundamental component of our strength and innovation. Our commitment is to foster an inclusive culture that champions the rights and abilities of all individuals, with a particular focus on those with disabilities, creating a vibrant, equitable, and supportive community.

Our Vision for Diversity and Inclusion

Our vision is a workplace where diversity is intricately woven into our corporate identity, influencing our policies, practices, and relationships. We aim to reflect the rich diversity of the global community we serve, ensuring every voice is heard and every person is valued.

Our D&I Objectives

To provide cutting-edge facilities and technologies that ensure full participation for individuals with disabilities.

To cultivate leadership that represents a broad array of experiences and backgrounds, with a particular emphasis on including those with disabilities.

To actively engage in community initiatives that promote diversity and support individuals with disabilities.

To prioritise mental health by providing resources and support systems that cater to the psychological well-being of all employees.

Our Strategies and Actions

We will utilise tools and best practices to remove bias from the recruitment process, ensuring a diverse applicant pool and equitable hiring practices.

Every employee will have access to personalised career development plans that respect their unique needs and aspirations, including mentorship programmes and leadership training.

We will ensure that our marketing and communications accurately reflect the diversity of our community, with a focus on visibility for individuals with disabilities.

All employees will undertake comprehensive cultural competence training to foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Regular equity audits will be conducted to identify and address systemic barriers to inclusion within our organisation.

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy is a testament to our commitment—it is the blueprint for our company's culture and reflects our core values. At Kinkera, we don't just accommodate diversity; we celebrate and advocate for it every day.