Broken Hill House - Kinkera Community

Broken Hill, New South Wales

  • 4 bedroom
  • 3 residents
  • IL funding

Broken Hill House

Nestled in the far west of New South Wales, Broken Hill is a captivating destination that beckons with its rich mining history, vibrant arts scene, and stunning desert landscapes. At this location you will find our 4-bedroom house for 3 residents. The fourth room can be used by your service provider and as an OOA room. This house is designed with durable finishes including impact resistant wall linings and acoustic treatment to walls to reduce noise triggers and noise impacts.

Kin Assist: Empowering Through Technology

We’re not just building homes; we’re curating experiences. Our builds are assistive technology ready, and this is at the core of empowering our residents, providing them with an enriched and independent living experience. You have the option of a fully customizable home automation system which can operate effortlessly through wall tablets, labelled buttons, or even on the go through a mobile app.

Additional Comforts:

  • • Ultra-quiet fully ducted AC which goes across the whole unit.
  • • Smartscape connected lighting system.


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