Bridging the Gap in Regional Communities: The Role of SDA - Kinkera Community

Bridging the Gap in Regional Communities: The Role of SDA


In the picturesque tapestry of regional areas, where community spirit intertwines with natural beauty, Kinkera Community is looking to make a significant transformation. This change centres around the building of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) for people with disabilities – a vital step towards inclusivity and equality. Whilst urban centres often lead in accessibility initiatives, Kinkera Community recognises the profound benefits of ensuring there is SDA available in regional areas. The current scarcity of SDA in regional settings curtails the vital choice and control that individuals should have over their living circumstances, which in turn impacts their overall quality of life.

Community Integration and Social Inclusion

SDA in regional areas can allow for the fostering of stronger community bonds. Regional environments are usually more close-knit, allowing for deeper social connections. People with disabilities have opportunities to engage with their neighbours, participate in local events, and become active, valued members of their community, reducing feelings of isolation and promoting inclusiveness.

Economic Benefits

The construction of SDA in regional areas can also stimulate local economies. They create employment opportunities in construction, healthcare, and support services. Moreover, by enabling individuals with disabilities to live more independently, SDA can also lead to increased participation in the workforce, further contributing to the local economy.

Addressing Health and Safety Concerns:

In regional areas, where emergency and medical services might be spread out, the importance of safe and accessible SDA is heightened. Varying levels of disability can increase the risk of accidents in daily activities. SDA can significantly reduce these risks by allowing individuals to live more safely and independently. When people with disabilities live in homes that are not suitable for them, they require more personal supports from the NDIS, aged care or family members – and this can result in taking family members out of the workforce.

Accessible housing in regional and remote areas, including SDA, ensures that people with disability can remain at home – or in a new home – that supports their needs and independence.

Our Commitment

At Kinkera Community, we are dedicated to being part of the solution. Our mission is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that people with disability in regional areas have access to SDA that not only meets their needs but also empowers their choices and control over their lives.

Join us in this endeavour to create inclusive, accessible, and supportive regional communities. Together, we can turn the tide and ensure that the benefits of SDA reach every corner of the vast and diverse landscapes of Australia.